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Complete Holiday Decor!
(yours for up to 10 DAYS!)

Just arrive at the beach for the holidays to find your home away from home completely decorated for Christmas!

A stunning tree, unique coastal christmas table decor, custom cookies,

gifts wrapped and under the tree and more! 

We do as MUCH or as LITTLE as you want!

Contact us NOW for info on how we can help make this Christmas the one they talk about for years!

*** We supply everything needed and also offer packages using your items (either ship to us or have on site in your home)

Christmas at the beach!

Just image.......

You arrive at your vacation rental for the holidays to find it completely decorated for Christmas!

An impressive coastal decorated tree, stocking hanging, the smell of christmas in the air, even holiday music playing!


Share your vision with us and we will get you info right away! 

We can do as little or as much as you like! 

*** Prefer a phone us now

LIVE trees available! 


Thanks for submitting!

*** We also provide complete grocery pickup and delivery ( we put all items away too)



   Sea You at Christmas! 



Simple tree 3ft  (decorated coastal design or classic), beach themed throw pillows, christmas throws, personal touches throughout the room

from just $525

*** We also offer gift wrapping services (ship to us and we have ready under the tree)

We take care of clean up when you leave too!

**** LIVE trees available! 

We also carry Balsam Hill brand trees!


Tis' The Sea-son! 

Entire living room!

Full size Christmas tree 7-9ft

(decorated coastal or classic) 

Tree skirt, lights,ornaments.

Balsam Hill or LIVE tree available.

Beautiful coastal decor and ornaments in classic beach theme or FUN island theme...more flamings, fish, surfer santa,etc!) 

Holiday themed pillows and throws, more personal touches throughout!

Holiday scented candles, beachy stockings, custom cookies available!

(letter from Santa when requested)

** This is complete living room!

From $1250+

Smaller tree-less decor from $900!

*** Balsam Hill Trees upon request!


Seas & Greetings! 
Ultimate Christmas Experience!

Whole home decor! -

Complete tree (full size 9ft-12ft if room can accomodate) lit, decorated, tree skirt, all the works!!!

(A few smaller trees throughout too)

Impressive table scape(s) (including flatware, linens, coastal or classic decor (kitchen/ 2 bathrooms).

Holiday themed throw pillows everywhere! Custom cookies when requested.

Stockings, holiday candles, christmas music playing when you arrive! 

Personal holiday touches in kitchen too! (hot cocoa station) - letter from Santa for kids! 

 *We supply everything (setup before you arrive and clean up after departure)

Bathroom decor and bedding upon request from $200 per room!

Livingroom & Complete Kitchen from $1875!

Add 3 bathrooms from $600

Whole home from $3800 depending on size!

*** Balsam Hill Trees upon request~ LIVE Trees available.

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