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Brunch Menu 
Featuring Gourmet Dining Options

We are happy to provide a custom printed menu upon request!

We offer Gluten and Dairy free options as well.

We are familiar with Keto-Paleo and other healthy living choices and can customize your meal to suit your dietary choices.

We CAN pickup your favorite meal from a local restaurant and have it placed at your picnic too! 

ALL menu options listed are subject to availability.

We ask that you list a few back up selections when booking.

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Bake 'n Happy Brunch
Included in price listed on the pricing page

A typical brunch will include at least

5 of these items:

Bagels with cream cheese and butter

Muffins  (multiple flavors)

Fresh Fruits - Citrus-Berries

Cinnamon Rolls 



Breakfast Breads (toast) and jams

Croissants w chicken salad

Hard boiled Eggs


**** special requests for kids!

You can add a breakfast charcuterie from $65! * Features meats and cheese.

Refreshments included:  ( choose 2 )

Fresh Orange-Apple-Cranberry Juice

Sparkling or still flavored Water

Refreshing lemonade

Want coffee? Ask about how to add this!

* You may bring food or beverages with $150 deposit to cover any damages should they occur.


Beginnings Brunch

Full Meal Option  - additional 

Complete gourmet brunch!

From $40 per person and includes an array of  choices such as waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, breakfast quiche, breakfast burrito, hot sandwiches too!

Even heart shaped waffles upon request!


Coffee and other hot beverages are also available with this option and served upon request.

*Individual meal for each guest available upon request.

We are happy to offer vegan-dairy free-gluten free options as well.

* Creme Brulee - Tiramisu and other decedent deserts upon request. 

IMG_8776 (1).JPG
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