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Brunch Menu 
Featuring Gourmet Dining Options

We are happy to provide a custom printed menu upon request!

We offer Gluten and Dairy free options as well.

We are familiar with Keto-Paleo and other healthy living choices and can customize your meal to suit your dietary choices.

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Bake 'n Happy Brunch

A typical brunch will include at least

3-5 of these items total (you choose)

Bagels with cream cheese and butter

Muffins  (multiple flavors)

Fresh Fruits - Citrus-Berries

Cinnamon Rolls 



Breakfast Breads (toast) and jams

Croissants w chicken salad

Hard boiled Eggs

You can add a breakfast charcuterie from $85! * 

Cold refreshments included

Want coffee? Just request this. :) 


Beginnings Brunch

Full Meal Option  

Complete gourmet brunch!

HOT Brunch includes you choice of these items:


waffles, pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, breakfast quiche, breakfast burrito, hot sandwiches too!

Coffee and other hot beverages are also available with this option and served upon request.

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